Sump Pump Battery Back-up Installation in Huntsville & Madison, AL

The sump pump is always on until the basement floor of your house is free from excess water. That's how the device keeps your property safe from situations like basement flooding and other water damage. The problem occurs when a power cut or electricity issue occurs and the sump pump becomes inactive. But, if you have a battery backup system installed there's nothing to worry about.

OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville is available in AlbertvilleDecaturAthensFlorence, and other service areas with an expert team whom you can trust to ensure the safety of your home. We have decades of experience in this industry with enough in-house manpower to help you whether it's an issue with the basementsump pump, or other crucial parts of the home.

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Why Choose Us for Sump Pump Battery Back-ups?

The locally owned and operated OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville has a group of professional technicians who are IICRC-certified. They are knowledgeable of all possible issues and resolutions about your sump pump such as the installation process, battery types, and their capacities.

Having sump pump battery backups is a wise investment that will provide you with the following benefits from the first day of installation:

  • It'll prevent water damage which will otherwise require costly repair or restoration service and thus save money.
  • When the power system fails, your sump pump can still run.
  • The battery backup is turned on automatically and you don't need to go to the basement to switch it on.
sump pump battery backup

Secure Your Home by Installing Battery Back-up Sump Pump 

Our efficient team is well-prepared for your sump pump service needs. Call us at 938-253-1417 and set an appointment with us easily. Click here to contact us online. We also provide other services such as crawl space dehumidification, waterproofing, etc.

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