Control Moisture Using Dehumidifiers in Huntsville, AL

To keep your family healthy, it is important to have a balanced humidity inside your home. Because most of the air you breathe comes from the basement or crawl space. If you don't control moisture over there, mold spores, bugs, or other pesticides can thrive. The harmful particles then can easily float through the air and when you inhale them, they can cause severe health hazards. In order to prevent this, installing dehumidifiers is the best option. The main purpose of these dehumidifiers is to remove excess moisture from the air. Particularly in dampened places like basements, crawl spaces, and other wet areas are suitable to install these dehumidifiers. To get the best results out of it, Ox Foundation Solutions Huntsville provides high-quality dehumidifiers that work faster and better.

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What Are The Signs That You May Need Dehumidifiers Installation?

Dehumidifiers work best in areas where damp air collects, like basements. The followings are the signs you might want to consider buying a dehumidifier:

  • Condensation around doors & windows: The presence of condensation on the glass doors or windows is an early sign of excess moisture in the house. This is a very common sign to determine whether you need dehumidifiers or not.
  • Mold on the ceiling: Mold growth in unusual places, such as on ceilings or walls, is a clear indication of high humidity in the home. Since there is already so much moisture in the air, mold, and bacteria may easily infect any surface.
  • Respiratory difficulty: The high humidity in your home may be the cause of your family's frequent cold symptoms. Dangerous species like dust mites, insects, mold, and bacteria prefer damp environments, where they can thrive and affect people with allergies and sensitivities.
Installed indoor dehumidifier

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