Repairing Wall Cracks in Huntsville & Madison, AL

It is common to find wall cracks along the foundation of any home. On foundation walls, cracks may be seen either from the interior or the exterior of the house. In either case, they may serve as frightening warning signs to homeowners. No worries at all. Just contact OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville. We have years of experience fixing wall cracks.

Whenever you need help in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Muscle Shoals, and other cities throughout our service area, our IICRC-certified specialists have solutions for you. Give us a call at 938-253-1417 or fill out our contact form today. Our teams also provide basement waterproofing, foundation repairstabilization, and more.

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Why Does a Cracked Wall Happen?

  • Settling: This kind of crack is the most frequent and least harmful. Horizontal cracks will appear on your internal or external walls. For the first year, this occurs in newly constructed homes and normally manifests as tiny wall fissures.
  • Vacancy: Even for a short vacation, leaving a house unoccupied for too long might result in wall cracks and other significant problems. Because of this, even though they are vacant, empty houses require repairs.
  • Poor Taping: Nothing can lead to more unsightly cracks in drywall than poor taping. Almost always, especially if the sheetrock wasn't built properly and the taping isn't done correctly, seams will show within no time.
  • Water Leaking: Water damage is a concern on its own because it leads to cracks and other major problems, even though it doesn't necessarily result in a wall crack.
  • Structural Issue: A wall crack structural problem needs to be looked into straight away. Several factors, such as termites that will eat through your foundation, might result in structural deterioration that can lead to fissures.
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