Wall Air Leak Repair Services in Madison and Decatur, AL

If the temperature in your house has frequently been changing and you feel breezes flowing through windows and doors, your house may have air leaks that you need to repair as quickly as possible. Allow OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville to fix this wall air leak in Bryant, Madison, Huntsville, and other cities within our Alabama service area.

For years, our IICRC-certified technicians have set the industry standard for foundation wall repair services and have been trying to satisfy their customers with their best efforts. We can repair your wall air leak with the help of our expert technicians and team members.

For any additional services like basement waterproofing, concrete leveling & lifting, crawl space encapsulation, and more, you can rely on us. So call us at 938-253-1417 or click here today to speak with one of our crew members.

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Common Sources of Air Leaks in Your Home

To help you do a more thorough assessment when you discover air leaks in your home, the following list includes some frequent sources of indoor air leaks:

  • Attic hatch
  • Ductwork
  • Furnace flue
  • Pipes and wires
  • Plumbing vent
  • Wiring holes
  • Chimneys
  • Porch roof
  • Recessed lighting
  • Doors and windows
  • Baseboards
  • Top of basement walls
  • Basement rim joists
  • Outdoor faucets
  • Shaft for piping
  • Electrical and gas service entrances
  • Garage and living space walls
  • Exterior wall penetrations
  • Duct chase way (the hollow box or wall feature that hides ducts)
Wall air leak repair service

Trust OX for Expert Wall Air Leak Repair Services

To deal with your wall air leak, OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville offers top-notch services and has decades of experience in handling customers. If you want to save your foundation wall from an air leak, simply call us at 938-253-1417 or fill out our contact form to find out more about our services. We are also happy to offer you free estimates.

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