Repairing Bowing Walls in Huntsville and Madison, AL

The structural stability of your house is in danger when a wall is bowing, which is a major issue. Your foundation's safety is essential to the stability of the rest of the house. A wall that is bowing will crumble if it is not fixed. Your home sustains significant structural damage when a concrete slab collapses. To save your home from this situation, call OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville.

For the best bowing walls repair service in Bryant, Lexington, Madison, Huntsville, and other cities within our Alabama service area, turn to OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville. To get a quote right away, call 938-253-1417. You may also reach out to us online for a free estimate. We also provide foundation wall repair services, foundation repair, foundation stabilization, and more.

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What Causes a Bowing Wall?

The probability that a wall is bowing because of hydraulic pressure is high. When the soil around your home is wet, pressure like this builds up. The walls of your foundation begin to "push" or apply pressure when there is an excessive amount of water present. The average time it takes for hydraulic pressure to break a basement wall is several years.

This indicates that moisture has been an issue on the exterior of your property for an extended period of time. If it hasn't already entered your basement, you've been fortunate since concrete generally absorbs that much hydraulic fluid, both through and into it.

It's highly probable that you need water extraction installed if you have been suffering from water infiltration. Waterproofing will relieve the pressure on your now buckling wall and can shield the other basement walls from future damage from hydraulic pressure.

Bowing wall repair service

Trust OX to Repair Your Property's Bowing Walls

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