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Why Foundation Piering Is Necessary?

Piering is the technique of driving lengths of steel pipe or concrete pilings below a foundation in order to stabilize it and prevent additional movement. Piering may be used to support both residential and commercial structures.

A hydraulic pump is used in order to drive the piers further into the earth. The foundation piers are put right beneath the middle of the wall that is being raised, and they utilize the foundation as resistance to drive themselves further into the ground.

This method is known as "concentrically loaded foundation piers." In order for the piers to be successful, they need to be driven to a depth that allows them to contact bedrock or another stable stratum.

This provides the sturdy foundation that is necessary for supporting the piers, which in turn supports the foundation. Piering is the best and most reliable way for stabilizing a foundation that has settled or is sinking, and it is also the strongest solution.

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