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When a home is first built, its foundation is laid out to provide a firm base for the construction to stand upon. After the building or house is erected, it keeps shifting & sinking, settling further into the ground. Maximum settling happens during the first few years, and with it comes various problems that need attention.

A sinking foundation puts a lot of stress on the foundation walls, causing them to start cracking or curving. The developed cracks may appear in vertical & diagonal directions. If ignored these little problems may eventually grow to be major issues. Unfortunately, it may also cause your foundation to fail or collapse entirely.

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How Do I Know My Foundation is Sinking?

During the foundation sinking or settlement process you may experience: 

  • Cracks on the walls
  • Vertical cracks
  • Stair-step-cracks
  • Chimney cracks
  • Sinking land around the house
  • A stinking and rocking toilet
  • A damp crawl space
  • Bubbling paint on the walls
  • Stains under the windows
  • Uneven or warped walls
  • Windows or doors not closing properly
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Can A Sinking Foundation Be Fixed?

The answer to that is yes. Sinking foundations can be corrected with the proper technique & expertise. The aim is to strengthen the foundation & stabilize it from the ground up.

OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville has the required equipment, resources, & experience to fix foundation settlement & sinking problems. We eliminate structural threats by providing foundations with unbeatable care. If you face wall leaks, leaning, bowing, or shearing walls, settlement, or structural issues with your foundation, you may count on us to repair them affordably.

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Trust OX Foundation Solutions-Hunstville to Repair All Your Foundation Concerns

When you have difficulties with your home or business foundation, you may trust the IICRC-certified foundation specialists here at OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville. We can provide permanent solutions to your foundation issues as well as provide foundation stabilization. Our services are available for both residential & commercial properties across Madison, Huntsville, Cloverdale, Athens, and other nearby areas across Alabama.

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