Foundation Repair Frequently Asked Questions in Hunstville, AL

Foundations are one of the most important aspects of a home or building. A weak foundation will lead to weak structural integrity & may develop issues down the road. Additionally, improper planning & preparation before construction is also a reason for future complications in your foundation. You may face common issues such as bowing walls, cracks on the foundation wall, bouncy floors, water leaks & more. However, OX Foundation Solutions-Hunstville has the resources & expertise to repair such foundation-related problems and more at affordable prices.

Like many homeowners & commercial business owners, you may have questions regarding foundation repair and we wish to answer them. Scroll below to look at some frequently asked questions. If any question you have is not listed here, feel free to call us at 938-253-1417.

OX Foundation Solutions-Hunstville answers some frequently asked questions, here’s what you need to know:

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Why Should I Care About Foundation Repair?

Cracks in the foundation wall may allow water to enter, providing a perfect breeding ground for mold & mildew. This might cost you losing the possession forever, like picture memories, documents, furniture, and more. Mold also affects human health!

Furthermore, bowing walls, settlement issues, and wobbly floors pose structural risks for your property.

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

Yes, foundation repairs always increase home value. A failed foundation significantly detracts by up to 25% of your property’s total value!

Can Foundation Repairs Cause More Damage?

No, foundation repairs ensure your property sits on a dependable surface rather than an unstable one. It can restore problems arising from foundation settlement & sinking.

What Are the Signs of Foundation Shifting & Settlement?

Every home goes through the settlement process but if your foundation is shifting too much, you may notice doors, & windows not closing properly. Tilting chimneys and walls, as well as front porches, may also pull away from each other.

Can A House Collapse from Foundation Problems?

Yes, serious foundation cracks, & structural damages may eventually cause a house to collapse. It is not that simple though, but consult a qualified foundation specialist before anything severe happens.

Can Foundation Problems Be Fixed Permanently?

Yes, they can be. Our IICRC-certified foundation experts provide permanent solutions to your existing foundation problems.

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