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Your Alabama home or office may experience foundation cracks for several reasons, such as shifting soil conditions. OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville is the best company to call for residential and commercial customers in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Muscle Shoals, and other cities throughout our service area. Our IICRC-certified specialists have delivered exceptional foundation repair services to home and business customers for many years.

At OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville, we offer foundation repair services including a helical pier and/or helical pier system as a long-term fix for your foundation problems. For foundation stabilization, we also install wall anchors, floor supports, and other services. Additionally, our teams provide basement waterproofing, concrete leveling & lifting, crawl space encapsulation, and other moisture management services. Call us at 938-253-1417 if you need more information, or click here to schedule an appointment right away to have your foundation fixed!

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Foundation cracks caused by slab movement can have an impact on both new and old structures. There is no need to tear down and rebuild the whole slab if it is sliding in your basement, garage, driveway, or patio. Instead of the more time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive conventional slab-elevating techniques, use OxPoly, our concrete-lifting technique solution.

It is our greatest belief that this is the last time your damaged foundation will cause you any concern. Call 938-253-1417 for more information, or click here to schedule foundation repair services in Alabama right away

Common Foundation Issues Faced in Alabama

Extreme Temperature & Climate Variations

Clay soils expand and shrink as a result of heavy rainfall followed by droughts. The structural stability of the soil beneath your foundation starts to be compromised by the flexible clay soil that is so common in Alabama. Bricks, blocks, plasterboard, ceilings, roadways, and footpaths all start to show signs of cracking. 


Tree roots may trigger soil shrinkage and evaporation underneath the foundation, which can lead to problems with the structure's foundation. Additionally, tree roots can develop underneath already-built structures such as sidewalks, which will result in a rumbling impact that will elevate the concrete to the surface.

Plumbing leaks

Water from dripping plumbing pipes is usually a significant cause of foundation issues. Your foundation will be harmed as a result of the swelling and exuberance at the edges that will become apparent around the damaged area.


Poor drainage will cause an accumulation of extra moisture, which can erosion or compact soils. Extensive clay soils underneath your home or sidewalks may heave due to excessive rainfall. Concrete surface fractures as a result of this. 

Site Preparation

Before constructing a structure, effective soil fortification is required in cut and fill circumstances, in which the earth is excavated from one section of the construction site and piled in another. Otherwise, unanticipated soil movements underneath the foundations may develop.

Original Waterproofing Failures

The initial external waterproofing system develops failure with time. Roots, dirt, or silt might obstruct the foundation drainage. The waterproof surface on the outside of the block deteriorates as a result of soil infiltration. There is no way to address all of these environmental issues.

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