Waterproofing Services for Crawl Spaces in Huntsville, AL

Crawl spaces are very important because many wiring and plumbing-related works are done through these areas. If these areas become affected by water contact, the dampness can get through the crawl spaces and can affect your floors or roofs directly. By waterproofing them properly, you can avoid these damages. Waterproofing also helps secure the crawl spaces from being affected by molds or rot.

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Signs that Your Crawl Space Has Water Problems

  • Damp in Foundation Walls If you have dampness in your foundation walls, it might be an early sign of water contact and water-related problems. To get rid of it, you must waterproof your crawl spaces as early as possible.
  • Discoloration If there is any discoloration in the paint of the crawl space foundation wall, it is an early sign that your crawl space has water problems. The dark brown and yellow shaded discoloration is the most common type among these.
  • Efflorescence When you can see salt marks when any of your wet walls dry, it is called efflorescence. It is also a sign of water problems in your area.
  • Bugs & Pests There are many bugs, pests, or insects that love moist areas. A lot of insects inside your crawl space also means there is a lot of humidity or moisture.
Services for crawlspace waterproofing

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OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville is your all-in-one solution when it comes to services that are related to the crawl spaces. Our service providers are best at their jobs and make sure that your crawl spaces are no longer affected by excessive water contact. To secure your area from possible water damage, our technicians will ensure that the best waterproofing treatment is provided to your crawl spaces.

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