Crawl Space Encapsulation throughout Huntsville, AL

To encapsulate a crawl space, a durable polyethylene barrier is installed over its floor, foundation walls, and even its ceiling. Completely enclosing your home's crawl space with the barrier is ideal for maximum effectiveness. And to obtain the highest outcome, you need a company that has done this before and understands how to get the job done well. So, when it comes to house improvement solutions, no other company can compete with OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville. We have been in this industry for decades, serving the residents of Athens, Decatur, Huntsville, Hartselle, Albertville, and the surrounding regions all over Alabama.

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Advantages of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space & How It Can Help You

A dampened crawl space is an inhabitant for termites, bugs, or other disease-carrying insects. These factors contribute to an unsafe environment for the residents. To avoid situations like these, crawl space encapsulation is necessary.

  • Air quality improvement: Enclosing your crawl area will increase the quality of air in your house, making it safer for your occupants to breathe. Removing the source of moisture can ensure that there will be no longer recirculating moisture condenses.
  • Resolves pest problems: Moisture is essential for the survival of insects. Crawl space encapsulation makes it impossible to foster an environment suitable to bugs.
  • Reduces the risk of mold growth: If you can get rid of the moisture under your house, you won't have to worry about mold or mildew growing there. And your HVAC system won't bring any musty smells inside your home.
crawl space fully encapsulated

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We have trained professionals that can fix your wet crawl space. By encapsulating the crawl space with our high-quality moisture-control systems, we can make your entire house safer and more comfortable for your family. Besides, we provide a wide variety of services to make your house more secure to live in. The services include basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling & lifting, and more. Contact 938-253-1417 today to get your requirements fulfilled.

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