Prevention of Moldy Crawl Space in Huntsville & Madison, AL

Having moisture and humidity in your home is normal, especially during winter or summer time. Among other parts of your home, crawl space is more prone to that. If you cannot manage to keep moisture away from this tiny place, the growth of mold is inevitable. 

OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville can help you with that. We are available in the major cities in Alabama including Athens, Albertville, Decatur, Florence, and other service areas. You can rely on our well-trained and experienced team for other related services such as ventilation, crawl space encapsulation, waterproofing, etc.

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How Bad Is Mold for Your Crawl Space?

Mold is in no way good for your crawl space. Its presence can cause-

  • Damage in not only the crawl space walls but also in the property foundation.
  • An unhealthy, degraded environment in the crawl space.
  • Health issues like asthma, irritation in eyes, nose, etc.
  • Reduction in the property value.
  • The mold in the crawl space can spread and reach the HVAC system, damaging both the indoor home environment and the system.

The BBB-accredited company promises to work efficiently to prevent the microorganisms from spoiling your place and peace. You can rely on the locally owned company for sump pump installationmoisture control, and other services.

moldy crawl space

Get Rid of Crawl Space Mold with Our Professional Service in Huntsville & Madison

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