Crawl Space Ventilation Requirements for Homes in Jackson, AL

Crawl space is a kind of style of foundation that is popular in hot, humid regions where it is useful to raise the building off the ground to elevate dampness. To avoid these problems, ventilation is needed. Building rules have traditionally mandated that crawl spaces be properly vented in order to help keep that space dry and prevent damage from moisture. The crawlspace is often ventilated by a variety of vents that are typically built through concrete foundations. OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville has a range of certified professionals who are knowledgeable about crawl space needs. Our team is aware of IRG rules. Crawl spaces in residential and commercial buildings in Birmingham, Ardmore, Crossville, Decatur, MobileDutton, and all of Huntsville, AL, can benefit from our services. Dial 938-253-1417 or contact us for the best quality crawl space ventilation services and other services including crawl space joist support, dehumidification, foundation repair, moist control, and more.

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Requirements of the International Residential Code (IRC)

At OX Foundation, we make sure that the IRC criteria are met by our services. The IRC is a well-known collection of building regulations that define criteria for residential construction and are widely used in the US. The following are some important IRC standards for crawl space ventilation:

  • For every 150 square feet of crawl space area, the IRC mandates a minimum of 1 square foot of ventilation area.
  • Vents in the crawl area should be evenly spaced out and within three feet of each corner.
  • Crawl space vents should be easily accessible for maintenance, inspection, and repair.
  • A vapor barrier covers the crawl space floor to stop moisture from the ground from entering.

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