Leaking Crack Restoration Service for Basements in Huntsville

Basements are continually threatened by a variety of sources, most notably cracks. When fractures appear in the basement wall, moisture from the earth on the other side of the wall is allowed to enter. Ignoring the issue will simply worsen it and cause structural damage. This can lead to mold growth, damage to your basement's contents, and render the basement unsafe in general.

You may rely on OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville for the best available leaking crack restoration services when your basement or house has moisture problems. For both commercial and residential customers in Madison, BryantLexingtonHuntsville, and other cities within our Alabama service area. We also offer basement waterproofing and foundation-related services. Dial 938-253-1417 to learn more or click here to reach us online. 

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Causes of Cracking & Leaking in Basement Walls

  • Shrinkage: This is caused by the basement's concrete foundation drying out too quickly, causing it to shrink and resulting in hairline cracks in the walls.
  • Settling: This usually happens after the construction of a building. The soil beneath the home gradually compresses under the weight of the house once it is finished. The home will settle into the earth as it presses down on the soil. The building's displacement causes cracks, which can develop as the structure falls further.
  • Movement: Shifts in the earth caused by seismic activity might result in cracks appearing. The larger and more numerous the cracks are, the more frequent and intense the seismic activity occurs.
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Trust Ox Foundation Solutions Huntsville for Repairing Basement Wall Cracks

Ox Foundation Solutions Huntsville, a locally owned and operated company, provides licensed professionals who are proficient and knowledgeable enough to fix any leaking cracks in your basement with perfection. Our professionals can also provide waterproofing services for basement floor systems, basement wall systems, and basement windows, installation service of drainage systems in the basement,  foundation repair service, and so on. Simply call us at 938-253-1417 or contact us online to reach us.

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