Clogged Drain Tile Cleaning Services in Huntsville

A drain tile is essential to keep your crawl space or basement out of the reach of groundwater that might be responsible for the flooding. A clogged drain tile means that you're at constant risk of basement flooding. To prevent this kind of damage to your properties, it is very important to clean your drain tiles as soon as it becomes flooded.

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Other Basement Waterproofing Services that We Provide


To keep the basement air quality in a healthy state is very important but it is also a difficult task because of the high amount of moisture and dampness that they are capable of catching. We provide dehumidification services for your basements to keep them dry and keep the air healthy.

Leaking Crack Restoration

The last thing that you might want in your basement to happen is a basement wall with a crack or a leak. To prevent water damage caused by leaking water, we provide leaking crack restoration services for your basements.

Basement Windows Installation

We also provide basement windows installation services to make sure that your basement looks attractive and feels more comfortable from the inside as well.


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Clogged drain tile cleaning can be daunting for whoever is trying to do it by themselves. But as the trained professionals of OX Foundation Solutions Huntsville have been working in the basement industry for nearly 25 years now. Hence, they can make sure that by using the right techniques and the right equipment, your drain tiles are completely cured from drain tile clogs.

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