Basement Drainage System Installation in Huntsville

It doesn't matter what's causing your basement water problem, or how your house was constructed, Ox Foundation Solution Huntsville's clog-resistant interior drainage systems can be installed to create a system that's right for your home. 

To keep water from entering your basement it commonly requires the installation of drainage systems as well as the use of sealing materials. You can capture this unwanted water at the most common site of the entrance - the floor/wall connection - with our interior perimeter drainage system along the basement wall. Even in finished basements, waterproofing from the inside is significantly easier than from the outside.

At OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville, we have set the industry standard for basement waterproofing services for both commercial & residential consumers in BryantMadison, Lexington, Huntsville, and other cities within our Alabama service area.

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Benefits of Drainage System in Basement

  • Keeps the foundation strong- Excess water from rain or local floods can leak through your flooring and walls if your basement is waterproofed and has a good drainage system. This will help to maintain the structural integrity of your property and avoid potential structural damage.
  • Prevent mold growth- Mold won't be able to thrive in your basement if you waterproof it. Mold can cause chronic respiratory infections, eczema, and inhalation fever, according to one study. Mold only needs moisture to thrive, so if your basement doesn't have access to water, it won't be able to survive.
  • Require less maintenance- You'll have to clean your basement every time it floods or rains if it doesn't have a proper drainage system. You might even have to employ a professional cleaning company to sanitize your basement and make sure it's entirely dry. However, with our drainage system in your basement, there won't be any such hassle.
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Rely on Us for Installing Drainage System

Ox Foundation Solutions Huntsville is a locally owned and operated specialized in basement waterproofing and foundation repair services. Our certified technicians are skilled and experienced enough to install basement drains without giving a chance to complain. Apart from basement drainage system installation we also provide waterproofing services for basement floor systems, basement wall systems, and basement windows.

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