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OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville is a member of the OX Foundation Solutions group of companies in Alabama, and we offer services for basement waterproofingfoundation repairconcrete leveling & liftingcrawl space encapsulation, and other moisture-control services. We serve customers in HuntsvilleMadisonMuscle ShoalsDecatur, and other cities throughout our service area. Call us at 938-253-1417 for additional information, or schedule a consultation with one of our IICRC-certified specialists right away by clicking here!

Bringing together Kevin Weber's and Dannon Appleyard's expertise, the company was created. Throughout his 25-year career as a home builder, Kevin has excelled because of his attention to detail and customer-centered approach. At OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville, he contributes all of his expertise. His career as a builder has enabled him to work closely with architects, engineers, and building inspectors, which has allowed him to have a thorough awareness of contemporary construction processes, the issues that occur, and several solutions to them. Dannon started his career in the foundations and basement waterproofing sector 21 years ago after discovering a need for more modern and useful structural and waterproofing repairs in the sector. He came up with a clever and more sophisticated method to manage the process because conventional repair methods were brittle and ineffectual. This led to a national network of design teams and engineers devising approaches that are now the industry standard.

Building the OX Brand in Alabama

Together, Kevin and Dannon have established a locally owned and run company that gives residential and commercial customers authentic care to give tested long-term solutions. Your worries about your basement or crawl space can be addressed by our certified foundation repair and basement waterproofing specialists at OX Foundation Solutions. We provide a comprehensive variety of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space encapsulation services, including structural repairs as well as drainage and sump pump installation.

About Ox Foundation Solutions Huntsville

OX Foundation Solutions' Services

We offer a wide range of foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to homeowners in Huntsville, Madison, and other cities within our service area. Some of our most popular services include:

We Offer Efficient & Affordable Foundation Solutions with OxPoly

Both new and existing structures can be diversely affected by foundation cracks from slab settlement. An old & more commonly used solution is to demolish & replace the slab when there is a sinking slab in your basement, driveway, patio, or garage. Not only this method is expensive but it is also ineffective.

OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville offers a much more efficient option with OxPoly that is affordable simultaneously. We are an honorable member of the national foundation repair contractors network My Foundation Repair Pros. Our concrete-lifting procedure is more reasonable, more manageable, and more economical than other slab-raising techniques. A single or multiple small holes are drilled in the sunken area of the slab, then a “geotechnical” foam is injected below the slab which expands. When the foam is made to enlarge, it forces the slab back to its proper position, solving the problem in the most cost-effective way possible.

Premier Home-Improvement Services in Huntsville

OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville offers exclusive home-improvement products & solutions to improve your property’s health. We have the expertise to waterproof a basement or crawl space, lift a sunken foundation, as well as support a sagging floor. Our inexpensive services are specifically helpful for residential & commercial properties throughout Huntsville. Our proven, time-tested products include:

  • Ox WhiteWall® Basement Wall Panels
  • OxPoly Concrete Lifting & Leveling
  • Ox Foundation Floor Supports
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • HealthyCrawl Vapor Barrier

Trust OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville for Your Foundation-Related Needs in Alabama

Whether your basement has waterproofing issues, your crawl space needs a moisture barrier, or your foundation slab needs lifting, the highly-qualified specialists at OX Foundation Solutions-Huntsville have the skills to provide practical solutions for homeowners in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and dozens of other communities throughout our service area in Alabama.

Simply, give us a call at 938-253-1417 or click here to begin solving your foundation problems TODAY!

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